Gorek Restauro Studio Conservation & Restoration of Fine Art
- a partnership established in 1996
by Przemysław Gorek and Monika Karwowska-Gorek.

Our Studio employs prominent conservators
that have worked internationally on projects across

Europe (Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Slovakia),
Asia (Vietnam) and Africa (Egypt, Sudan).

Our company offers a wide range of services:
• carrying out complex conservation projects
• conservation research of historic buildings and structures
• consulting and planning in preventive conservation
• complex conservation and restoration of:
– architecture
– facades
– interiors
– wall paintings
– easel and panel paintings
– polychrome wooden objects
– paper objects, graphic arts, maps, archival materials

Conservation & Restoration of Fine Arts
tel: (+48) 601 515 529, (+48) 607 079 557